Lower & Middle School Complex

W.P. Kuala Lumpur
About This Project

A school layout with an internal courtyard is an innovative and practical design that offers several benefits. This concept not only provides a safe and beautiful outdoor space for students but also enhances the overall learning environment. The heart of the school layout is a central courtyard, which is surrounded by the main school buildings. This courtyard serves as a focal point and a versatile space for various activities. It should be landscaped with greenery, seating areas, and possibly a small amphitheater for outdoor presentations and gatherings.


The classroom buildings are designed to wrap around the courtyard. This layout allows natural light to filter into the classrooms, creating a more pleasant and energy-efficient learning environment. Each classroom should have large windows or glass doors that open into the courtyard, providing views of nature and easy access to the outdoor space.


Designate spaces within or adjacent to the courtyard for recreational activities. For example, you can have a small playground with age-appropriate equipment for younger students. Additionally, consider incorporating a multipurpose court for sports like basketball or volleyball.

Include walking paths or meandering trails throughout the courtyard to encourage movement and exploration. These paths can also serve as outdoor classrooms, where students can study plant life, ecosystems, or conduct science experiments. Ensure multiple access points from the classroom buildings to the courtyard for convenience. These access points can be designed with safety in mind, such as key card access or locking mechanisms.


Status: Conceptual Design

Site Area: 9.2 acres

Components: Classrooms, canteen, common hall, administration offices, surau, sports facilities & football field

Capacity: 40+ lower school & middle school classrooms each