Performing Arts School

W.P. Kuala Lumpur
About This Project

Existing site condition provide several opportunities and risk towards the intention desired project brief. Key elements to consider and to explore is to compliment contouring site feature as part of Auditorium, Amphitheater & Lower Ground Parking and preserving existing large rainforest tree of more 1m diameter. Central courtyard ideas was mooted to create a central point focus for student activities, passive design strategies and creating opportunity for inward views.


Main zoning is separated into three main category: Front- to allocate all site introductory element fronting the site – Main Ingress & Egress, Parking & Drop-off, Rear – U Shape building form circling the perimeter site maximising the site potential while creating inward view towards the main courtyard & Centre – breathable space courtyard for student activity & passive design strategy.


Status: Conceptual Design Stage

Site Area: 2.49 acres

Auditorium Capacity: 500 pax