Our Team

“Architecture is a means to a design manifesto. The awareness of context, climate and the purpose of built form is the pre-requisite to realising a building”


Since the establishment, our team has been growing in terms of numbers and experience. ROA team consists of a diverse personnel which possess the needed design and management skills in the architectural field. We believe in efficiency in serving the clients by using the right tools and having a strong chemistry between each other.


ROA aspires to generate an unpredictable yet straightforward architectural language in line with social and cultural contexts. The process of design is by nature fluid and is always evolving and through this course evolves personal identity.


The philosophy and understanding of architecture is a basis upon which ROA feels is most suitable to interpreting a proposed structure, the end product being harmony with its environment, inhabitants and purpose.

Our Forte
Public & Institutional Buildings0%
Planning of Sub-Township & Commercial Centre0%
Special Buildings, Interior & Others0%
Housing & Residential Developments0%